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Virginia Auto Accident Statistics

Auto accidents are a big problem in Virginia, with drivers and passengers suffering serious injuries every day. And unfortunately, many people don’t know what to do or where to turn following an auto accident—so they fail to do anything at all. Don’t make this mistake. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in Virginia, […]

  • Posted on: Dec 12 2019
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Tips For Avoiding Weather-Related Auto Accidents

A condition known as “weather blindness” is a major cause of accidents in the United States.  Weather blindness occurs when a driver’s ability to see clearly is affected due to weather conditions. To put it simply—when drivers can’t see, accidents happen. Driving in such weather conditions puts drivers, passengers, and pedestrians at risk. In other […]

  • Posted on: Jun 25 2019
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Does Virginia Require Drivers to Carry Auto Insurance?

If you’ve ever been involved in an auto accident, you probably understand the importance of  auto insurance. Many people assume that auto insurance is required by Virginia law, however, this is not the case.  Virginia drivers are not required to carry auto insurance. However, drivers who don’t purchase auto insurance must pay an uninsured motorist […]

  • Posted on: Jun 15 2019
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Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents in Virginia

Motorcycle accidents differ from other types of auto accidents, both in their likelihood and severity. In addition, the legal ramifications of motorcycle accidents can be different than car or truck collisions. For example, Virginia’s motorcycle helmet laws can affect the legal consequences faced by riders involved in accidents. Therefore, for both safety and legal reasons, […]

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2019
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All About Slip and Fall Injuries in Virginia

If you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident in Virginia, you should pursue compensation for your losses. The best way to do this is by hiring an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney will guide you through the legal process while doing his or her best to ensure that you are […]

  • Posted on: Nov 11 2018
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What to Expect at Your Virginia Personal Injury Trial

While most Virginia personal injury cases settle, a few manage to progress to trial. In addition, there are some circumstances under which a trial is preferable to a settlement. Below is an overview of what to expect at your Virginia personal injury trial. Jury selection The first step in a Virginia personal injury trial is […]

  • Posted on: Oct 29 2018
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Can I Sue for Wrongful Death?

Susan Pierce – An Experienced Personal Injury Attorney A wrongful death lawsuit is filed on behalf of a deceased individual by his or her family. A wrongful death lawsuit, in essence, allows certain surviving beneficiaries to step into the shoes of a deceased family member in order to obtain compensation for his or her death. […]

  • Posted on: Oct 12 2018
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An Overview of Wrongful Death Claims in Virginia

A wrongful death is a death caused by the wrongful act of another party. Generally speaking, the circumstances leading to the death must be of a nature that would have supported a personal injury lawsuit if the deceased individual had survived. Wrongful death lawsuits allow certain individuals defined by statute (statutory beneficiaries) to file claims […]

  • Posted on: Aug 9 2018
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All About Rear-End Collisions in Virginia

Rear-end collisions are a common type of automobile accident and can result in both temporary and permanent injuries.  As they involve multiple automobiles, making a recovery may be a challenge due to the difficulty in establishing liability. Anyone who wishes to file a claim for their rear-end collision should speak with an experienced personal injury […]

  • Posted on: Jul 31 2018
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