What to Expect at Your Virginia Personal Injury Trial

  • Posted on: Oct 29 2018
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While most Virginia personal injury cases settle, a few manage to progress to trial. In addition, there are some circumstances under which a trial is preferable to a settlement. Below is an overview of what to expect at your Virginia personal injury trial.

Jury selection

The first step in a Virginia personal injury trial is jury selection. The jurors in a case are selected from a large juror pool, and each potential juror is subjected to a vigorous selection process. Following the initial selection, the attorneys for both sides are given an opportunity to dismiss jurors who may be biased against their respective clients.

Opening statements

At the start of a personal injury trial, the attorneys for both sides are given the opportunity to make opening statements to the jury. Opening statements give jurors an idea of what to expect from each side as the trial progresses.


Once a personal injury trial gets started, the plaintiff’s attorney presents his or her case to the jury. Issues typically addressed include:

  • The cause of the injury
  • The type of injury
  • The effect of the injury

Over the course of the trial, expert witnesses such as professionals in case-specific fields and medical examiners may be called during the plaintiff’s case. The defendant is then given the opportunity to cross-examine the plaintiff’s witnesses and the plaintiff. Following this, the plaintiff’s attorney may again address the witnesses and the plaintiff to clarify the defendant’s attorney’s questions. After the plaintiff has put on his or her case, the defendant is given an opportunity to do the same. The defendant’s attorney may call upon witnesses to be questioned, and these witnesses may then be cross-examined by the plaintiff’s attorney. Finally, the defendant’s attorney may again address the witnesses and the defendant to clarify the plaintiff’s attorney’s questions

Closing statements

Each attorney is then given the opportunity to make a closing statement. The closing statements summarize the trial and give each side a final opportunity to attempt to persuade the jury. Following closing statements, the judge instructs the jury on how to proceed.

The verdict

Finally, after deliberation, the jury presents its verdict, and the judge makes a final ruling and closes the case.

Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys

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