Avoiding Motorcycle Accidents in Virginia

  • Posted on: Jan 30 2019
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Motorcycle accidents differ from other types of auto accidents, both in their likelihood and severity. In addition, the legal ramifications of motorcycle accidents can be different than car or truck collisions. For example, Virginia’s motorcycle helmet laws can affect the legal consequences faced by riders involved in accidents. Therefore, for both safety and legal reasons, accident avoidance should be foremost on every biker’s mind. Below are some tips on how to avoid motorcycle accidents in Virginia.

Know the law

Before hitting the road,  bikers should familiarize themselves with Virginia’s motorcycle laws, as many of them were designed with biker safety in mind. Thus, the simple act of knowing and abiding by Virginia’s motorcycle laws can go a long way in preventing motorcycle accidents.

Virginia motorcyclists are required to have a Class M license (www.dmv.virginia.gov).

Ride defensively

A common type of motorcycle accident is known as a “left-turn accident.” A left turn accident occurs when a motorist who is inattentive, has reduced visibility, or is otherwise distracted turns left in front of a motorcycle rider, causing a collision. All bikers must be aware of the fact that many motorists fail to adequately check their surroundings before changing lanes. Therefore, bikers should always ride with a defensive mindset.

Wear proper safety gear

While most safety gear is intended to prevent or minimize injuries following a crash, certain pieces of equipment, such as reflectors, are intended to prevent accidents. In addition, bikers should ensure that all lights, such as headlights and turn signals, are in working order.

Never drink and ride

While it seems obvious that drinking and riding is a bad idea, scores of injuries and deaths are caused each year by drunk drivers and riders. In addition, the use of prescription medication, illicit substances, and anything else that dulls the reflexes should be avoided before riding.

Keep your distance

Finally, bikers should always maintain a safe distance between themselves and other vehicles while on the road. When an unexpected stop is required and vehicles are too close together, a collision is all but guaranteed.

Virginia Personal Injury Attorneys

Motorcycle accidents can result in injury, disability, and even death. In fact, even accidents that occur at slow speeds can be life threatening. If you or a loved one have been injured in a motorcycle accident, you need experienced legal representation to ensure that you are properly compensated. At Walker Jones, PC, our experienced Virginia personal injury attorneys are dedicated to helping those who have been injured in accidents receive compensation for their injuries. Our Virginia injury lawyers work tirelessly for our clients, guiding them through the legal system while ensuring that they receive the most effective representation possible. In addition, our clients pay us no fees for our efforts unless their claims are successful. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, please allow one of our experienced personal injury attorneys to help you. Call our office today for a free consultation.

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