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a lawyer who is discussing about plea bargaining with their client in virginia

Plea Bargaining in Criminal Cases: Pros and Cons

Very few criminal cases go to trial. In fact, it has been estimated that well over 90% of all criminal cases result in a plea bargain. A plea bargain is an agreement between the defendant and prosecutor in a criminal case. This type of agreement allows a criminal defendant to either plead guilty to a […]

parent speaking with their teenage child about child support modifications

Navigating Child Support Modification Requests

In Virginia, the court calculates child support based on both parents’ income at the time of the custody hearing. However, if either parent’s income changes at some point, then the court can modify the child support order to reflect that. In this article, we discuss how to navigate child support modification requests in Virginia.  Acceptable […]

Police lights during an arrest

How Miranda Rights Protect You During Police Interrogations

If you are ever interrogated by the police, it is important that you understand your Miranda rights. Miranda rights are designed to protect those in police custody from self-incrimination. Although most people are familiar with the general concept of Miranda rights, not many understand what they are and what they entail. In this article, we […]